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3. Personal & Non-profit QuantumQarbon

3. Personal & Non-profit QuantumQarbon

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Each purchase is linked to the Shabunda Project area

QQ: How It Works

Offsets & Insets are sold to cover greenhouse gas fluxes but in reality, fluxes are rarely measured directly or verified. However, distance traveled and anthropogenic loss of natural landscapes are easily and directly measured and contribute to global warming and loss of biodiversity. Offsets and insets, typically lacking direct measurement, are also "short-term" disposable products that may not contribute to long term social, economic and planetary goals needed to manage climate change now and for future generations. 

Planet Alpha developed QQ based on direct measurement or "quanta" of your actions in miles traveled and land area removed from nature (home, business land area) to conserve equal areas of forest in the Shabunda Project region. This approach is easy to understand and translates into tangible, observable outcomes that protect forests, biodiversity and forest communities.

Join PaC in Step-One of the Shabunda Project, Going Beyond Unreliable Estimation to Direct Measurement.

>>Purchase QQ for Personal, Corporate, School, City, Government, & NGO programs to mitigate impacts on the Shabunda Project by conserving intact forest, biodiversity and Indigenous communities. QQ addresses the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

 QQ is verified by high-resolution remote imagery to ensure forest conservation. 

Shabunda Forest Conservation is based on pricing of $50 (personal) or $100 (corporate) per hectare to provide support to communities who both live in and protect the forests. 

Combine travel with a footprint area or purchase QuantumQarbon (QQ) separately for activities and places (e.g., supply chain locations and transportation).



    • Enter travel/transportation Distance and Select Unit (miles/kilometer) for car, truck, train, plane, ship, etc. The price is shown converted from the distance entered.
    • Enter the Footprint Area and Select Unit area of office space, worksite, manufacturing floor, warehouse, supply chain sites, industrial complex, offshore/nearshore platforms, ports/harbors, any area that is covered by human activity producing greenhouse gas emissions. The price is shown converted from the area entered.
    QQ goes beyond the offset/inset to a reality check on how we manage climate change by measurement of our own actions on the planet. Forest conservation and restoration are globally embraced actions that benefit forest communities and the planet, economically, socially and ecologically. QQ allows individuals and corporations to compensate the planet for impact one step at a time.