The Amazon is Burning. Protect Intact Forests of the DRC Congo Now

PAC Shabunda

89,500 Hectares of Conservation & Avoided Emissions Offsets

Supporting Communities Living In and Protecting the Forest

Reshaping the Climate Culture Crucible

Verified by Imagery and Shabunda Citizens

1 Cent Per Mile Slows Deforestation

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Mwami Mopipi, Tribal Chief, Shabunda Region, DRC, Africa

Conservation Is a Passion

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3 Cents Per Mile Fulfills Corp. ECSR

Corporate Responsibility

Support Commuities--Slow the Wave

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Download the project portfolio summarizing Planet Alpha's Two-Step Plan to Conserve (Step 1) and Reforest (Step 2) the Shabunda rainforest, now and for future generations.

Download The Portfolio Report