[www.planetalphaforest.earth] Land trusts are at the heart of an immediate and positive response to climate change, but how to implement this response has not been articulated. Learn about our Land trust mission to conserve islands of nature in the coming months

PAC Shabunda

89,500 Hectares of Conservation & Avoided Emissions Offsets

Supporting Communities Living In and Protecting the Forest

Reshaping the Climate Culture Crucible

Verified by Imagery and Shabunda Citizens

1 Cent Per Mile Slows Deforestation

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The Only Legacy Offset

Mwami Mopipi, Tribal Chief, Shabunda Region, DRC, Africa

Conservation Is a Passion

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3 Cents Per Mile Fulfills Corp. ECSR

Corporate Responsibility

Support Commuities--Slow the Wave

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Download the project portfolio summarizing Planet Alpha's Two-Step Plan to Conserve (Step 1) and Reforest (Step 2) the Shabunda rainforest, now and for future generations.

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